S4 battery issue for Kitkat [4.4.2] users.

Hi Guys!!!

I had updated my Galaxy S4 to Kitkat[4.4.2] in April 2014. The update was not much impressive as it was expected to be.


Though there were some new features included but also there was an performance issue like black lock screen,battery drain,etc.

Since there were solutions on most of the issue except the battery issue which is an important point for every smart phone users.

the battery was draining faster after upgrading to Kitkat OS [4.4.2].


Here is a solution which could help getting you back your battery life just like before.


  • Turn off your Galaxy S4 then wait for 5 sec.
  • Turn on in recovery mode (i.e) Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons simultaneously and release after 3-4 sec.
  • You will see the following screen


  • Now carefully select “Wipe cache partition” (use Vol down key and Power button for selection)
  • After wiping the cache select “reboot system now

That’s it!!! Folks!!!

Its preferred that you factory reset after doing this.(optional step)

You will get your battery life back as i got it.


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